A Geopark is an area with well-defined boundaries , which contains a significant number of sites of geological interest of particular importance , rarity or aesthetic significance and landscape , highlighting its biodiversity and its historical and cultural aspects. These sites represent the memory of the Earth, are part of an integrated protection, education and sustainable development concept . In these places geotourism and educational activities are developed, by which the protection, research and dissemination of geological heritage are promoted. The main objectives of a Geopark are:

The geological heritage is a resource of great scientific and cultural attractions, including the highlights of geodiversity , are among the geological formations and structures , landforms , minerals , rocks , fossils, soils and other geological events that allow know, study and interpret the origin and evolution of the Earth and the processes that have been modeled . Geoparks must ensure the conservation of the geological heritage through measures that allow their recognition , enjoyment and disclosure and protection for future generations .

Geoparks provide a tool to enable sustainable development through tourism and other related industries , placing value on geological heritage of a territory and coordinating actions between the community, local authorities and private entrepreneurs for the management and operation of initiatives that develop there . The type of tourism developed into a geopark is known as geotourism , which supports and enhances the geographical character of a place, its environment , geology , culture , conservation , heritage and the well-being of its inhabitants.

Geoparks teach topics related to Earth science and the environment to the general public , and promote scientific research and its dissemination.

Through this recognition that people also seek to better understand the geological phenomena that occur in their environment , such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes , tsunamis and landslides , among others , understanding the processes that give life to our planet, and thus achieve more harmonious coexistence with nature .