It was adopted on "Understanding the Llaima volcano eruptive processes using digital technologies " to XV National Project Competition Assessment and Promotion of Science and Technology , the Explore Program CONICYT project being awarded a total of $ 13,428,000 . This project will design educational activities on Earth Sciences and Archaeology Geopark Kitralcura for schoolchildren who live around the Llaima volcano, in order to improve emergency plans that govern their communities and disclose the archaeological history of the territory. This first initiative in education will be developed by the Geological Society , the Catholic University of Temuco, Universidad Austral de Chile and utilities. The educational project is focused in school from 5th to 8th grade ( 10-13 years) , and the overall content of geology and volcanology, volcanic hazards and risk management , and archaeological aspects of the territory will be delivered .


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Conguillío Park Visitor Center
Parador Resort Project


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Pewenche Quinquén Park . WWF
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