There are different ways to access the Geopark.

Access Vilcún

    The main access is Vilcún Route 5 - S , 11 kilometers north of Johannesburg, the provincial and regional capital. The S -31 route continues eastward Vilcún to the tennis sky Llaima volcano, through the towns of San Patricio and Cherquenco .


Access Caracautin

    From Victoria along Route R - 89 asphalt 57 km long .
    From Lautaro on Route R-11 - S 56 paved miles long .


Melipeuco Access

    From Cunco by the S -61 route , ripiada , 35 km long , which in turn connects to Temuco Huichahue ( paved road in its 56 Km) .


Access Lonquimay

    His position bordering Argentina ranks as the input Lonquimay Bioceánico Atlantic corridor - Pacific. It has two international crossing points : Icalma to 1,298 m lakefront Hachado same name Pino , a 1,884 m The first is linked to communal Liucura capital , where it connects with the international route Hachado Pino , R - 89 to Lonquimay . From Icalma Lonquimay step distance is 75 km away from step Hachado Pino is 60 km. Until Liucura (located 41 km from Lonquimay ) the road is paved .