The executing agency is the National Service of Geology and Mining ( Sernageomin ) and Associates are the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF ), the Regional Government of the Araucanía , the National Tourism Service ( SERNATUR) , the Ministry of Environment, Mountain Group Nuke Mapu , and the Municipalities of Melipeuco , Caracautin , Vilcún and Lonquimay .

Further work is being done in coordination with other organizations and initiatives taking place in the territory , such as Sendero de Chile , Network Project Greenways Quinquén Pehuenche Park, Red Rural Community Tourism Araucanía , Excursions Antu Mahuida among several other .

It is expected that in the future, join this new initiative partners, such as universities , schools, community representatives , government agencies, NGOs, and associations related to tourism , education and care of the environment , in order to the Geopark achieves effectively be appropriate for the local population , and represent their own interests.